Welcome to the temporary home of the IGDA Unity Special Interest Group. This location will be used to share general information and intentions until such a time where a more permanent solution is available.


Mission Statement

GDC 2015 Rountable Meeting

We’re hoping to have another annual roundtable meeting. Stay tuned for more details.

GDC 14 Rountable Meeting

During last year’s GDC we held the first meeting of the SIG We had a decent turnout and would like to thank those that showed-up and those that would’ve if they could’ve. Special thanks to those that added value to our Mission Statement (see notes).

The meeting agenda covered the following:

  1. A brief overview of the Unity SIG Mission Statement.
  2. Discussion on various goals, including:
    • Communications between Unity users and between Unity users and Unity staff.
    • Inclusiveness of pros, indie and solo developers alike.
    • Involving chapters in local activities.
  3. Collaborative brainstorming on the role and creation of the SIG site.
  4. Other new ideas included:
    • Advocacy (creating a concise list for things like Accessibility Input Mapping)
    • Best Practices (sort of an offical condensed version of some of the lists already “out there”).
    • Web-based Education, Tutorials and Presentations

For more information, see the GDC conference scheduler.

See Inaugural Meeting Notes

More to come.

Mike, Oded and Emil